(Adnkronos) – Mr. Sun Ying (Black Feather), the founder of DAYOU Open Platform, has just signed a historic agreement with the Spanish metaverse Uttopion. This is the first such agreement between China and a European metaverse, allowing brands and creators to have their own spaces in two metaverses  simultaneously, linking China and the whole world. With this agreement, both the Chinese metaverse DAYOU and Uttopion will ofer access to millions of users, making a global impact with brands and all types of interactive content. MADRID, July 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hangzhou DAYOU Space Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading metaverse open platform. DAYOU's CEO is Black Feather, and the leadership team is predominantly made up of former Alibaba, also participated in the early product construction of Alibaba Taobao, and now DAYOU has been intensively reported by media journalists and is one of the most well-known metaverse companies in China. The Founders of DAYOU have  just sealed an agreement with the Spanish metaverse Uttopion, breaking a barrier to access which existed until this point. With this joint project, brands will be able to access a global audience comprising the West and the Asian giant through the Chinese platform DAYOU and the Spanish Uttopion. Uttopion's  management team has been in negotiation with China for the last three months to come to this agreement. Miguel Ángel Fito, the co-founder of the Spanish metaverse, states that "it has been a real pleasure to deal with them and to kick off a joint project." They are leaders in technological innovation and this agreement will allow us  to  reach  an  audience of millions with a long-standing acceptance of gaming environments." With this deal, both Uttopion and DAYOU are becoming the top option for metaverse, reaching  a massive audience and supplying every type of interactive content. Black Feather says that this agreement is a historic moment: "This is a landmark agreement that demonstrates the collective advantages of the perfect combination of local culture and global marketing in the Metaverse." This technical cooperation  between Spain and China had many benefits for both parties; Uttopion highlights that "by conducting joint activations,withbig brands,wewill be able to increase user levels on a global scale", which will result in us becoming global leaders in the sector in respect to competing platforms in the metaverse. China's groundbreaking agreement with a western metaverse breaks down a barrier to access for millions of players and users,which creates obstacle for other platforms. The Uttopion co-founder underscores this point, highlighting for example that "the last concert that DAYOU did with a Chinese artist had an audience of 15.5 million exposure. This is a completely unthinkable feat in the metaverse for Decentraland, Sandbox, Spatial or any other platform." Contact:Sandra Delgadosandra@socialnius.com+34 642 00 10 87 Alberto Elviraalberto@socialnius.com+34 606 51 45 04 Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2160038/Sun_Ying_Fito_Uttopion_1.jpg
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